Another Simpsons Episode with a Storyform

Don’t know if you have Disney+ but I never realized how crazy good the writing was on that show.

Just watched Life on the Fast Lane, where Marge “cheats” on Homer with the bowling professional. SO GOOD! And now that we know the RS doesn’t have to include the IC, it makes perfect sense.

Jacque is the IC, and the marriage is the RS.

Incredible in just 22 mins.

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Yeah, that’s a classic one!

“I’m going to the backseat of my car with the woman I love, and I won’t be back for ten minutes!” :joy:

I’d have to watch it again. I remember Marge hitting a literal fork in the road at end. Kind of a blunt way to show a leap of faith moment.


Yes! Total Story Driver of Decision.

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That sounds right.

  • Homer chooses to get the bowling ball as a gift.
  • Marge decides to take up bowling out of spite.
  • Marge has to choose between Jacques and Homer.

I’m definitely missing a few, need to refresh. :smile:

If Jacques is IC then I don’t remember him changing. Marge is kind of fed up with her life but changes to being happy with what she has with Homer and the kids.

So, Changed resolve?

Life on the Fast Lane, The Simpsons (S1, E9) Analysis