August in the Vanishing City (novel)

I think this makes sense. But I have to think about it some more.

Is it possible that this is a muddy area of the story? Like maybe it’s a mix of action and decision drivers?

But the more I think about it, the more decision makes sense. Really, the plot of the novel wouldn’t move along if he didn’t keep making decisions.

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Paul Newman’s film, The Verdict, had an oddness. The os mc/ic resolutions might be opposite, but maybe some similarities might be found. Something came to me on this, last week, but I’ve waited too long to post and lost the vision. Drat.

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I know I’m a bit late on the draw. I saw that @Lakis had written a novel, and picked it up immediately, before seeing that it was written before Dramatica theory. I’m sure that with these notes walking through, I’ll have a better time of it than the book I just picked up—(here is where she rolls her eyes).

Also, my daughter is just starting university on Cyprus (and I guess I need to apologize), Northern side (gulp!). So she’s going to enjoy getting the perspective of the war. We know the Colonel who was in charge of the Navy during the invasion. NOT that we’re on their side. “Dwarves are for the dwarves!” Just saying, we’re a bit close to the action, being Americans living in Turkey.

I’m looking forward to a late start on this, and going through the entries to get an angle on Dramatic from the corporate eyes of other users here.


Oh wow cool! It’s great to hear from people who know the area!

No, no! (Not to me anyway) :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have an fascinating story though – I didn’t realize that you’re an American living in Turkey!

One of the things I hope comes through in the book is that even though it’s from the Greek Cypriot perspective (and I am obviously very anti-invasion) everyone has reasons and reasoning for what they do. (I guess, from a Dramatica perspective, I hope it works as a complete story/argument and not propaganda – we’ve had enough of that).

I’ll be very interested to hear what you think. :slight_smile:


This has been such a fascinating read!


So glad you’re enjoying it!


Hey @Lakis I was thinking about recent RS conversations like this thread, and wondering if there might be an RS between Elias and Petros? Thinking back to the story it feels like there is one. Unless what I’m seeing is a relationship between all of the Filiki Eteria?

But I do think the cousins relationship is pretty strong, and changes, esp. at the end with Elias becoming a monk. Rival cousins -> separated friends, or something like that. The Desire problem might be something like “they love each other, but each desires what the other desires”. And the Ability solution could be when Elias puts himself out of reach, no longer able to get in Petros’s way (but also ending that relationship apart, at least mostly). Some of the solution could have come escaping Varosha, too, when they’re finally able to talk about the problems between them and apologize. (p.283 of the paperback near end of Ch 24).

EDIT: please forgive me if we’ve talked about this already!

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There certainly is supposed to be. You know this @mlucas , but for anyone else reading, I didn’t know about Dramatica when I wrote the novel. But the relationship between Petros and Elias is supposed to have an “emotional heart” component to it. Early on there’s a kind of “us against the world” thing that bonds them (Mind), and, like with Joanna, they share a lot of history (Memory).

That actually sounds right on! Elias takes himself out of the picture by becoming a monk – literally no more Ability to be in a relationship with her!

Something else I’ve been wondering about RS in general (and this is an example) is cases when there are more than two players–not in separate RS’s like in Back to the Future, but as one relationship.

So in August, I feel like there’s an RS between Petros and Joanna (obviously), and an RS between Petros and Elias. There’s also a bit of RS between Joanna and Elias – there’s at least one chapter from her POV which starts “these are the things she doesn’t tell him” (meaning Petros) but in which goes over the conflicts between her and Elias.

But is there also a “love triangle” RS? If you think about the three of them and how they relate, it (as one relationship) maps pretty well to Mind->Memory->Suspicion->Desire->Ability.

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Yes! That makes total sense, now that you mention it. Very cool.

Isn’t it awesome how you can do Dramatica without consciously knowing it? :slight_smile:

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