Can I upgrade My Dramatica Pro to the new Dramatica Story Expert?

I just purchased Dramatica Pro for my PC a couple of days ago, and today I started viewing the training videos, which are for Dramatica Story Expert.

It looks far more user-friendly to me!.

I know a PC version of DSE is in the works. So when will it be available, and can I upgrade the software I just bought for the new (forthcoming) DSE for PC?

Thanks, guys. I really can’t afford to buy it twice.

The search icon in the upper right is your friend!!

Dear J Hull, I read this whole thread yesterday before posting my questions that are both still unanswered,

When will the PC version of DSE be available? Can I upgrade for free? Otherwise, how much to upgrade?

Others have asked when, but nobody will give a timeframe.

Thank you.

There is no timeframe for the PC version of DSE. Its common practice for developers not to set any definite dates as that usually causes more problems than it fixes if there are any unexpected delays.

For specifics regarding pricing upgrades, you might want to try Write Bros. support directly.

From what I have heard they haven’t found a programmer yet for their Windows version.