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So before I put in the inordinate time it’s going to take to crack the story engine theory, I thought that it would really nice if I could find the answer here. I am aware that going by the numbers defeats the purpose and that the engine leaves off at a certain point, but I just want to know. The theory is so frickin’ fascinating and beautiful that I want to know more. To get to the point, I would like to know the “order” of the variations/sequences similar to how the story engine give the order for the class/act progression. Thanks! P.S. If my question is incoherent in any way I would more than glad to clarify.

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This question has been answered several times over:

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One thing I’ve been wrestling with

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Your best bet is to read through those posts first. Then try searching for what it is you’re looking for by using the Search feature in the upper right.


Thank you very much. Sorry to have been a bother. I just couldn’t think of what articles to look at.

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No worries.

I found the above by looking for:

  • plot progression
  • signpost order
  • hairpin