Dramatica Plot Progression Math

The Math of Dramatica
I’m studying the Dramatica Theory Book and trying to nail down my understanding of the Plot Progression Points. Here is my understanding of it thus far:
Progressive Story Points
Story Points are Acts, Sequences, Scenes, and Events
In a 4 Act story, each Act is mapped to one of 4 Thematic Classes
A Sequence is the 6 possible combinations in a Thematic Variational Quad (Page 136)
Thematic Sequence (6) X Character Dimensions (4) = 24 Scenes (Element Level)
1 Scene X 4 Classes = 4 Events (At the Class Level) Page 140

That’s what I have deduced from the theory book. Now I look at:

Table of Story Points

The Table of Story Points has terms in it that are not in the manual. Is my math above wrong? Is this an apple-to-apple comparison? Where did the additional terminology come from?

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Are you talking about Setup/Revelation/Conflict/Aftermath? Those are not based on anything within the Dramatica Theory Book. There is a post somewhere in that thread that talks about it, I believe. It doesn’t use the 6 possible combinations in a thematic quad, but simply the variations described in the Plot Sequence Report as Sequences so to speak (Setup/Revelation/Conflict/Aftermath), and the Elements underneath. So 4 Acts x 4 Types x 4 Variations = 64 “Scenes/Sequences”

Thank you for your response. Is it possible to create a similar table based on the manual’s description? It would go a long way to consolidate all the loose pieces floating around in my head.


No, because there isn’t any specific order given to the variation combinations, character dimensions or classes.

Hi Joseph,

Typically I would tell you it really doesn’t matter at that bottom level–and I still intuitively feel that–but you might want to take a look at my latest on The Four Modalities of Scene Construction