DUG Potentials for 2017

Exactly my thinking. Now think about what kinda crazy lessons we could glean from the intricate storyweaving techniques. Not to talk of the storyencoding and so on. Don’t even know if I’d call it an Ensemble or not. The Experts will definitely be greatly challenged by The Affair. Not one for the pups. Lets see what the big dogs come up with.

Any “OS Concern = Contemplation” movies. 12 Angry Men & The Client are the only 2 such analyses that I’ve found.
Little Miss Sunshine
The Miracle Worker (1962)
A Man Called Ove
Other People’s Money (1991)
October Sky (1999)
Stand and Deliver (1988)
The Killing Fields (1984)
Doctor Zhivago
Midnight Run (1988)

For next year, my one request is for Toy Story 3.

On the Dramatica site, we have Toy Story (and there’s also Jim’s corrected version), Toy Story 2, but no concluding part. I’d like to see that one take its place on the site in 2018.

I agree. The thing with Toy Story 3 is that it actually has two storyforms - the one for the film itself and then the one for the entire series as well. Would be worth doing in the future though.

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So obviously it’s a bit too late now, but I would love to see an analysis of Hannibal, the TV show that was on NBC. Especially the second season, which was so satisfying to watch; I’m presuming it must have had a rather solid storyform underneath it.

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I would like to see an analysis of Circle, The Exam and The Invitation … not sure if they are necessarily good examples of Grand Argument stories though.

It’s really funny how we don’t have a Dramatica storyform for A Beautiful Mind. It’s one of the greats. Might we consider doing this movie as well? Thanks.


Just saw Get Out (2017). Would love to do an analysis of this soon to be horror/suspense classic.

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Dr. who. The Tenth Doctor. Family of Blood.

Or Waters of Mars.

also the Kieslowski French/Polish movies Bleu, Blanc and Rouge. Trois Couleurs. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0108394/

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I am curious about what Dramatica would say about The Invitation. I’m fairly certain it’s not a Grand Argument, but I wonder if we would see if “Mexico” (I’m trying not to spoil) would be the IC.

Yes. I think you are right about the IC.

How about we do Netflix original, "Sense8 ". It has multiple protagonists (8 to be exact) , with each character having their own storyline while together they have their own common goal, escape/defeat Whispers . This will be different from the rest of the story analysis as we can get to understand how to weave multi-protagonist stories yet maintaining the narrative drive. I think this will a great challenge and great learning experience too.


Bill Paxton’s Training Day might have had near perfect storyforming, both in its overall arc and individual episides. It kept clicking along, and even though more camp than Shakespeare in the last episodes, it worked, imho.

Just a note: we tried doing Frodo’s story, but it fizzled out over time.


Just saw Kubo and the two strings. This is such a great movie on so many levels. We need a proper Story breakdown of it.
Secondly I understand the complexity of embarking on such a project but it’s very weird there is no official Lord Of The Rings Dramatica analysis. It’s almost a sin. LOL.
Anyway, if it could be done it’ll be such a big one for fantasy(all) writers and also a great lesson on crafting epics. Just sayin

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  1. Little Miss Sunshine
  2. The Miracle Worker (1962)
  3. A Man Called Ove
  4. Other People’s Money
  5. October Sky
  6. Stand and Deliver
  7. The Killing Fields
  8. Midnight Run
  9. Office Space
  10. Get Out
  11. Passion Fish
  12. Fail Safe
  13. State and Main
  14. La La Land
  15. Oblivion
  16. Jaws
  17. War Games
  18. First Blood
  19. Dredd (2012)
  20. 20th Century Women
  21. Cop Land
  22. The Gift (2015)
  23. Breach

How about, for 2018, a classic spy/espionage thriller along the lines of one of these?

  1. Three Days of the Condor
  2. Patriot Games
  3. The Conversation
  4. Marathon Man
  5. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  6. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
  7. Eye of the Needle
  8. Gorky Park
  9. Ronin
  10. The Ipcress File

And/Or a political thriller like: All The President’s Men

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How about The Accountant?