Examples of scene creation

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I have worked my way through Dramatica Expert and have now arrived at “Scene Creation” for writing a novel. Wow. What a tedious and detailed process, but I have worked through it because I know it will be worth it. It would be so helpful to hear how others have worked their way through the scene creation process. I’ve read everything on the software itself and am pretty sure I’ve figured it out, but to see an actual model with examples would be amazing. My dream would be to see how the scene creation process was done for say, something like “The God Father.” Even better would be to hear how one of you did it with your own story. Does anyone know if something like this exists?

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The problem with seeing how scene creation was done for existing movies rests in the fact that you have to find a movie someone admittedly used Dramatica to craft their story with. Even then, there’s so many different ways scenes can be created - some go by intuition, others might use the plot sequence report, etc.

I documented a creation of a story a while back on the forum that you can read here. I essentially used the “Z” pattern from the plot sequence report and worked out the various elements. There’s plenty of screen shots from using Apple’s Numbers to coordinate the various throughlines, but it gives a sense of how I wrapped some of the patterns together for bigger impact.

Hope you find it helpful.


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