How is the RS connected to the rest?

Especially when you look at all the things Robert Zemeckis did to establish Wilson as a character, making him as non-inanimate as he could. (Human name, face, given a voice by Tom Hanks…)

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With Babylon 5, I hypothesize the episode “The Quality of Mercy” has three story forms, interwoven.

They must be superficial, since that’s 44 minutes and 3 storyforms.

They would be, of course, but it was a rather clever juggling act to make it all work. The writer became expert in writing for comics, I understand. They could have just been tales, but the viewer was coming into the episode with a lot of back story, so it just seemed to capture more depth than tales.

If I knew the show better, I’d go check it out. But I’ve actually never seen it, which surprises me.

“Danger, danger, Will Robinson.!” I saw one episode of Voyager and ended up spending the summer watching the whole series. (never regretted it). The episode I mentioned definitely seemed to have three solid Mc/Ic things going on. It was fun. Not Shakespeare, and kind of hokey in parts, but the writer and the show was a forerunner in the use of CGE, so now I occasionally watch it as art history, One can see some of what they did and get ideas for Animate use. The acting in the series was phenomenal. (There were some real mistakes made in story forming story telling at the end of the series, but they had to wind it up, somehow. Londo would never have decided to go along with it all, but that is unrelated.)