IC POV & 'The Fugitive'

Can the IC become a POV Character within the same storyform, or must the IC become an MC within another storyform before the audience can “see through the character’s eyes” … or can one do both within the theory?

I just watched ‘The Fugitive’ last night, and Sam Gerard has some lengthy screen time, even though he’s the IC to Dr. Richard Kimble. When we view his scenes, is he acting as the MC of his own storyform or just the IC perspective to the MC?

I always call this the “alien POV.” When we’re looking over Detective Gerard’s shoulder, we don’t “become” the genius, maverick hunter of men. We see him through the perspective of Dr. Kimble: he is hunting us, and that genius nature gets us ever closer to capture. When Gerard exhibits change at the end of the movie, we the viewers don’t feel changed; we feel as though we’ve held out, and our better nature has softened him up. To put it another way, we see the IC’s story through a keyhole, but we never enter his room.

As another example, take “Silence of the Lambs.” In the book (and to a similar extent, the movie), there are several chapters which don’t follow Clarice Starling’s POV. Just in the book, there’s one or two in Hannibal’s (the IC), one in Jame Gumb’s (the Antagonist), one in Jack Crawford’s (the Mentor, kinda), one I believe in the senator’s daughter’s (the… MacGuffin? :sweat_smile: I don’t recall offhand what her Archetype is), and even one in Dr. Chilton’s (the Contagonist, kinda). So we’re freely allowed to jump from mind to mind, just so long as the audience remembers who we came to the dance with.


The storyform does not describe our experience of watching a film or our “point-of-view”. It sets the Author’s point of view on the matters at hand.

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Echoing Jim.

Dramatica sets functions for characters to explore a particular aspect of story BUT it does not set POV in anyway, at least not as I think you are talking about it. The kind of POV you are talking about is a function of storytelling.


@okcthunderx In case you’re interested in a longer discussion on this I asked a related question last year: