Is mental relativity a scientific theory - ktad and e=mc2

I’ve been watching lots of videos and reading articles by Melanie Anne Philips.

I’m intrigued by applying dramatica to real world problems and diverse forms of communication.

I wanted to be sure if I can tell people that mental relativity or dramatica is a scientific theory as much as a literary theory.

Melanie days ktad is the psychological equivalent of e=mc2 - eisteins theory of relativity

We’ve talked about this previously. I’m surprised this thread in particular didn’t pop up as a similar idea when you made this post. Long story short: Dramatica is a cool model, but I don’t think it’s “scientifically rigorous” or what have you.

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Independent of whether it is a theory or a hypothesis or a model or a whatever-you-want-to-call-it, it is our opinion that Dramatica is model of story, while Mental Relativity – on which Dramatica is based – is a model of human problem solving and/or psychology. Dramatica represents an application of Mental Relativity to the narrative process. Though not widely advertised, the application of Mental Relativity using the Dramatica model as applied to real world scenarios is called Thoughtform.


thanks. I’m trying to apply dramatica to real world scenarios and I find it gives a meaningful context to different problems.

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