My Mindnode Map of the Four Modalities

Feel free to use. In mind node and OPML form.

I also use Goal Conflict Disaster Theory, which I find quite practical, and has many overlaps with this thinking.

I wish I could read it, even with my glasses the type is TINY.

I’ll do subsections of it. You can use the OPML file in any outliner

Also it’s an img, just download and zoom in tour favorite app.

deleted, replaced. see below.

Image deleted for PASS. Replacement image is below.

This is absolutely brilliant! I’ve had trouble wrapping my head around all this and this helps me to visualize it.

Thank you for sharing it.

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Glaid it helps. I like diagrams when the mental model is complex. Print out, paste up :slight_smile:

Note Universe (Situation) Physics (Activity) Fixed Attitude (Mind) and Way of Thinking (Psychology) is what you want to address, not literally TKAD. Just finished a workshop hour with Jim today where this came up. This is how you close the circle with the classes at the top of the model.


The previous image was wrong. Passive Structural addresses the structure but does NOT move story forward. Here’s the correction.

You rock. Thank you, so much.

One tiny note, I think the Resistance can sometimes make things better too. (Or both: some aspect of the Resistance makes things better while another aspect makes things worse.)

Better and worse are kind of subjective anyway, but I think at the scene PRCO level, what matters is the author’s point of view on that.

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I think that’s right. “makes things worse or better” is how that sentence should read. I’ll fix and post.

this version states that Resistance can make things better or worse, not just worse.