OS Outcome- Good or Bad, Success and Failure

We’re probably getting a bit off topic with all this Wicker Man talk, but…

I haven’t seen it in a while either, but isn’t it implied or explicitly stated that the whole missing girl thing was a ruse to get him to the island and be a sacrifice?

Either way, I think Lord SummerIsle and the rest of the village are meant to be “bad guys” in the story. You don’t feel their winning is a successful resolution.

I think the right question for @Daniel is why do you think the movie is a Success and what makes Lord Summerisle the Protagonist? Merely pursing something isn’t enough of an explanation. I’m sure he’s also trying to Avoid the bad consequences of not sacrificing a virgin.

Actually, now that I type that out… remember that Pursue is a motivation, not an action. What’s motivating Lord Summerisle?