Pixar's Soul discussion

That’s a good point–though on the other hand… I’m not sure kids relate to a 20-something Nordic woman losing their parents and being put in charge of an entire kingdom.
But they won them with the relationship story, freezing powers, songs, and witty sidekick. Haha.

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I saw Citizen Kane at eight or years old on a small b&w TV about 1953. I understood the loss of Rosebud and learned the choice of life for all of us (and carried it with me through the years), while crying uncontrollably as it ended. I didn’t understand the second blond woman in his life, but everything else was clear. I remember Chris saying at a weekend workshop in the 90’s that children understood the Dramatica Theory more easily than adults. I hypothesize that if kids don’t care for something, it might not be done so well, not a lack of characters to identify with. Something about Pixar irritated me, and I would be the target audience then, and I don’t want to see it again.

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Aw little Prish sounds adorable and very emotionally intelligent.
I fear my kids have no dramatica spidey senses. Unless power rangers is a GAS? Although I did ask Sam which character he thought changed the most by the end and he said Joe!

My experience is that kids don’t reveal their emotional intelligence, but can live it. I saw it firsthand when a four year old stepped in and stepped up to direct and guide a 2 year old sibling for a year and a half, showing me four year olds can be heroes.


That’s incredible! So young. Also heartbreaking.