Quad question, vertical and horizontal meaning

so for a quad:
1 2
3 4

1 and 2 are do-er
3 and 4 are be-er

Is that right?

and there’s a vertical meaning, too, right?
what are 1 and 3
and 2 and 4?

It’s right that in the Dramatica Table of Story Elements, an MC throughline in Universe or Physics will be a do-er,or in Phsychology or Mind will be a be-er. But my understanding is that that comes solely from the quads designation as internal or external and not from the horizontal relationship with the other quads. An MC with a Universe throughline is a do-er regardless of where the OS lands.

But start and stop, I’m sure you know, do have a relationship like that. When the MC and OS are horizontal, it’s a stop story and when vertical, a start.


@crayzbrian can answer that one for you :slight_smile:

Heh. Ahem, @crayzbrian . Oh yeah, the philosophy guy.

I’ve been reading a lot of Timothy Morton. Lots of cheery news about the world.