RS Best Of (Relationship Throughline)

Just to go into detail about what Chris said, IIRC, the math used to generate the Consequence is not the same math used to calculate the RS Concern. They just happen to turn out the same.

Similarly, the elements at the bottom of any Domain are equal to the Characteristics but are generated differently.


The kind of thing I was thinking of was like:

  • Empire attacking consular ship causes princess to send plans, via droid, to ancient Jedi on desert planet (OS)
  • farm boy takes the droid to the ancient Jedi; now the two begin a master-student relationship (RS)

There is certainly some cause and effect at the storytelling level there. At least in terms of one providing the opportunity for the other.


Okay, I can see subtle and sophisticated here.

At the end of my WIP (the first in a series), the way she maneuvers to solve the OS changes their relationship RS which enables the MC to accomplish the story goal.

Details of my story require too much background. Imagine this: an undercover Jewish doctor involved in resistance activities is avoiding to be caught and sent to the death camps OS, but he has special skills MC that make him desirable as a personal physician RS to an SS general (Obergruppenführer) OC who turns a blind eye to his possibly being Jewish if only to always have his expertise on hand to secretly help with his rare medical condition.

So, the doctor’s relationship with the Obergruppenführer reaches some point, from stranger to personal physician RS–but that also enables the doctor to be safe (and protected) from the death camps OS, for now.

That’s kind of how I’ve spun my story. Is it too causal? Or is it subtle and sophisticated?

It looks great to me! The key question is whether that relationship feels like it matters to you. Does it feel heartfelt in how it changes and grows?

Note when you say “personal physician RS” you probably want to describe the relationship more, as in “doctor-patient”. And honestly, I would guess that the relationship moves from initially strangers to doctor-patient and from there to something else that is different from, or tests the bounds of, a strict doctor-patient relationship? Because plain old doctor-patient isn’t very emotional; it’s not much different from strangers. (Unless to you doctor-patient entails a lot of caring and mutual respect.)

I don’t want to put words in @jhull 's mouth… But I’m guessing that when he said not to make cause-and-effect connections between OS and RS, he was talking more at the appreciation level? Obviously, the situations that your characters end up in because of the OS, can certainly have an impact on the RS. Sometimes even vice versa. But it’s an indirect thing – the causality is via the storytelling as opposed to going directly from an OS storypoint to an RS storypoint.

Yes, there is a high-stakes intimacy and two-way life and death trust of secrets in that relationship. Faithful care and dependency. But thanks for the heads-up. I do need to ratchet that up in the emotion department.

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It does seem to cross a threshold of risk, maybe great risk, being the doctor is a professional with automatic career cautions.

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