Story Expert (for Mac or Windows)

I remember someone saying that the Story Expert has Dramatica for Screenwriters.

Does the Story Expert include the Instant Dramatica process?

Do the examples include the beginning of Instant Dramatica, where three things are needed:
Genre - A __________________ story
Idea - about _____________________
Premise - proving that _____________

Does it offer the Brief Synopsis?

Et cetra?

(Side note: @keypayton - I’d enjoy reading a couple examples from your list of Story Coverage, can you send me links or something on Google+??)

Happy New Year.
PS. Today I celebrate 13 years of marriage. :smile:

Chadwick, here’s a screen shot of Dramatica Story Expert’s intro page to the following functions:

— 30-Second Dramatica
— Instant Dramatica
— Using the Plot Sequence Report

And here is a screen shot of the first list of Instant Dramatica functions:

That’s all I can do right now; I’ll try to answer your other questions soon…

Thanks - Those are helpful. I will be looking forward to those things in the Windows version for sure. :smile:

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