Subheadings under PSR?

In a chart like this Table of Scenes & every possible story point on a single page what is the “Knowledge, Thought, Order, Chaos” which follows “Fate” under the OS Setup 1:Understanding?

It’s an assumption that the elements underneath the Variation of Fate would be Knowledge, Thought, Order, and Chaos. It’s oossible that they’re out of alignment as much as the Variations above them.

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It’s just the quad of elements that comes under the Fate variation in the Dramatica chart.

The idea that some people had was you could perhaps look to those elements for scene content. HOWEVER, it is likely not usually accurate to do so. See Jim’s comments here and the following two posts.

That said, I’ve played around with using a quad of Elements in some of my scenes. Usually I write part of the scene, then try to figure out what quad it might be, and then I just make sure to emphasize each element more. I’ve only done this a few times, when I was having trouble with a scene, since it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth.

But it can give good results. There was an interrogation scene I was having trouble with, and when I realized the Protection and Inaction elements were present, it helped me massively. The Inaction especially, because the POV character had a sci-fi aid to beating the polygraph, which I kept trying to describe as feeling confident, but that wasn’t quite right. It worked much better as a strange indifference. For some reason making it about indifference made the scene work. (Note: the way I found the right quad was realizing how important Protection was in that scene.)