The Prince of Egypt

Haha, sorry, I use those interchangeably. Either works fine for me.

“Fear of god” and “fear of public speaking” are in the original text, but they’re not terribly strong in this particular adaptation. They don’t seem to cause him any irreconcilable trouble, at least. And “being righteous / politically right” are not traits that he starts out with.

This leads to my main issue with the MC Resolve = Change angle: anything that I can point to as an a priori problem for Moses is wrapped up once the vision with God is over. His character is stable after that.

So I’m at a point in analyzing this film where I think there’s a fairly clear OS and even RS throughout the duration, but that MC and IC kind of peter out by the middle.

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As am I. If I’m honest, I had actually forgotten the movie existed, even though I loved it, after a few months of watching it the first time. And, thinking back on it now, I’m not sure it makes much of an argument on its own, though it does seem to be a Tale.

That is, unless it’s something along the lines of “Start believing ~something~, and you can free a people.” This is one of the reasons that I’m arguing so heavily for Mind. This appears to be what Dreamwork’s intent was, considering the source material. It is that scene of the parting of the Red Sea that I think maintains this orientation: Moses finally just has complete faith that things will work out as they should. Though, before that, he seems to be ever so slightly wobbly on that idea.

On the other hand, I have an MC Universe Storyform that works extraordinarily well, also. Thus, I think that’s why we get the flip-flop feel of the movie. I’m fine with saying that Dreamworks managed to illustrate the Issues without pinpointing the Domains, if you are.

After this, though, I could imaging a certain Dramatica Story Expert coming along and saying, “Nope, you missed this obvious thing and the MC and IC Domains are clearly this.” Though, I would hope that our analysis is on point, and that there is something that isn’t quite complete. Should we ping him, or go a little further, or just say we’re done?


That scene, and his particular expression of apprehension, certainly came to my mind during this thread. I think there’s something there…but I don’t think it’s enough.

I agree with the flip-flop characterization – could go either way.

Haha, I certainly wouldn’t mind an extra set of eyes on this, if he’s game – otherwise I think we’ll just talk in circles.

@jhull, have you seen Prince of Egypt recently?

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Exactly. That’s actually the problem I have with it. I can mark that easily as Start or as Stop.
(Whereas with Cars, it was darn clear that Lightning just needed to Stop.)

The only thing that might make any sense at this point, is if Moses had to Stop lacking Faith…
Which would be a really strange interpretation for this particular story. (But an interesting one.)


For determining the Domains, we could look at the Types underneath and see if that helps. Does Moses’s personal angst stem from Progress, Future, Past, Present or from Preconscious, Subconscious, Memory, Conscious?

Interesting! Care to share it?

I haven’t, but I could definitely try this weekend.


@RailwayAdventurer I’m on mobile, sort of, so I can’t reply directly. However, I kind of think that’s the problem: I could make the case for either.

I also don’t have access to the complete form that I tried, but I messed around with setting the MC Solution to Conscience with a Resolve of Steadfast. In such a story, Moses would be holding out for something to stop. I haven’t considered using Conscience as a Problem or drive, yet, though, which I say now because it might prove interesting.

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Here’s a randomness that kind of seems interesting: What if the storytelling rotated what we see?

I’ll let you decide if there might be any evidence for it, though:

  • OS - The Future => Future of Israelites (Things like: Past, Present, Progress, Future)
  • MC - Becoming => Inner Transformation (Things like: Being, Conceiving, Conceptualizing, Becoming)
  • IC - Obtaining => Winning at Any Cost (Things like: Doing, Learning, Understanding, Obtaining)
  • RS - Subconscious => Differing Attitudes (Things like: Preconscious, Conscious, Memory, Subconcious)

This was thanks to @RailwayAdventurer’s suggestion of looking at each part of the quad throughout the througlines. Personally, I still really like the Variations under Becoming for the RS, though…

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Sorry about my late reply. Life has been so busy the past couple of weeks. Anyway, I wanted to mention that I’m a bit confused by the last post. Are you saying that the OS Concern of Future, MC of Becoming, IC of Obtaining, and RS of Subconscious are the actual concerns (and the storytelling says something different), or that those are the concerns that we see due to storytelling’s obscuring of the structure?

Also, we haven’t heard from @Rachel_Blot since almost the beginning of the topic. What do you think, Rachel?