What does it mean to be a strong (Holistic) female character?

Okay, in that case, I completely misjudged you and your contributions to this board, and immediately take back all support of your pursuit. :joy:

I think you’re absolutely onto something. Generally, if you think there’s something there, you should keep going.

My challenge with Dramatica has always been with the actual science-y theory stuff behind it. I just find it hard to wrap my head around a lot of it. If Jim hadn’t started Narrative First, there’s a high likelihood I would have abandoned the theory long ago. So, yes, I say: keep going and I do not support anything you do from this point on. :wink:


The only movie on the Holistic filter list with a female MC I’ve seen is Chicago, and while I love the movie, I wouldn’t consider Roxy Hart a particularly strong woman.

But isn’t the point of a holistic character to show the warts and all the stages of decisions and choices? The linear shows the great lines of a finished drawing, while the holistic shows everything in the character’s adobe desktop folder that went into developing a character’s form. (seeing through my 2D Animation class…haha)