Working from the Bottom to the Top

The story engine is great but it only really works top-down. you keep narrowing the selections.

It would be nice to work from bottom-up, too. I pick a few elements somewhere and get an output of some kind that shows what the settings at the top of the hierarchy would be. for example, if I pick pursuit, show me the four contexts, and let me pick one of those and work my way up. just for brainstorming sake.

You can use the Query System --> Theme Storyforming for exactly what you describe. You can even multi-select when you’re not certain, like “I think my MC Problem is either Pursuit, Help, or Conscience” – you can pick them all and it will narrow down selections for other things.

Note: I have PC version so menu options might be named differently, not sure.

Also… the Theme Browser is often the best way to holistically understand what is going on with your storyform choices. Do you know you can “allow storyform changes” in the Theme Browser? Then you can pick all the throughline-specific choices from the Theme Browser (you still need to select things like Limit, Judgment, etc. from Story Engine or Query System).

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hmm let me check this out…

can you post snapshot of query system?

you mean the Story Engine?

ooooh show signposts on theme browser… veery nice

okay yeah now I understand what the point of the Theme Browser is. Not just because it looks cool. Brilliant. Thanks!

It might be better if someone with DSE (Mac version) guides you to what I’m talking about, as it might be very different there. I’m sure there’s multi-select capabilities somewhere though!

Glad you like the theme browser trick!

Have you seen this?

Basically, you can upload your Story Points report and Plot Sequence report and it creates a beautiful single-page storyform summary, great for printing! It was created by @bobRaskoph and is currently hosted here.

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Smashtastic. Thank you.