12 essential question - looking for an article


I would like to ask you for help.
Some time ago I saw an article related to 12 essential questions. In most of these articles there is a question, list of possible answers and description what is behind.
In other words it starts with theory and tries to use examples to explain what’s behind.

The article I’m looking for has different approach.
It is about possible choices or behaviors of character and at the end it converts into questions.

It is in the summary: if character do this than he is Do-er, if he do that than Be-er; if character do this than she changes, if she do that than steadfast.

I thought it was in dramatica.com Q&A but can’t find it?

Does it open any door in your minds?
If you know what article this could be, please share the link.

Thank you.

Your first description reminds me of this page. Your second one doesn’t ring a bell to me, but it seems somewhat similar to the query system in the Dramatica software.

Yes, that is what I know, but not what I’m looking for.
Maybe it was narrative first?


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This is it. May the force bless you :slight_smile:
Solved. Thank you.

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