A Beautiful Mind

Maybe look at the other domains and see what you think? Any idea what Johns MCproblem is?

I am thinking his problem is temptation, finding the easy way out by blaming others. Charles is a temptation element character always getting him to give in to indulgence like drinking. And Charles even tells him at one point “It’s not your problem, it’s their problem” and later in the movie John admits to resolving his problem by not giving in to certain indulgences, a diet of the mind. Or this could be uncontrol/control. Or I could be in left field again.

Youre jumping ahead of me there. I’m not sure about that level just yet. At a genre level, do you think John would be Mind or Universe? Or something else?Why?

Ok. Let me see. Genre, I think John is a be-We character, so that leaves me with mind as a domain choice.

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So what’s his problem?

He wants recognition, his problem is he can never get it. ???

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Who challenges him? Who is his influence character?

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He is looking only at what he can produce with his thoughts as a path to recognition.

Alicia his wife as IC

How does she challenge him? What’s her Universe?

She stays fixed in the real world, won’t indulge his delusions

But that’s everyone except for John. Could there be someone else, or (hint), a group that has an influence on him? Who might the IC be in act 1 before his wife has come into the picture?

Good point! The wife is a late comer in the story. I would go with Sol, Bender, Hansen, and the guy played by John Hirsch. That’s casting a wide net I realize.

What would their Universe be?

Or is there another group of characters with a Universe problem that have a very large influence on John?

Students in a traditional campus competing

In act 1, who challenges John with the question “or is my roommate a dick?”

Charles. Now here is where I am stumped. Can his imaginary friend be an IC?

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You’ve already pointed out that Charles is, in fact, a character in a Dramatica sense. Sure, he can be IC. And if he’s imaginary, what might his Universe problem be? Who else shares this Universe problem and influences John/makes him feel alive?

He can exist only in Johns mind, only when John “let’s him out” so to speak, only when John recognizes Charles can Charles really matter.

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