A Beautiful Mind

Charles and co only exists in someone’s mind. No external existence, never changing. Seems pretty Universe-y to me.

So what’s the relationship between John and Charles and co? Where does the relationship grow stronger or weaker in regard to Physics?

It grows weaker in Johns mind. He learns how to live without them, misses them but able to reduce their place

But what about the love story with his wife

In act1, dont Charles and John seem to bond over pushing his desk out of the window? And I’m act 2, he and Parcher bond over Parcher having John decode messages and deliver packages and escape the Russians? And in the end, yes, he ignores them until he no longer needs them.

So how do you feel about that arrangement?

She might play a part but I thinks she’s largely OS

I really see how it well it works!! I like that I could be pushed outside my own way of thinking by considering your questions. Giving up MC in psychology was initially hard for me. Giving up Alicia part as the heart of the story is hard too. But, bottom line I like this arrangement with OS Psychology, RS activity, MC Mind and IC situation. It all makes,sense in dramatica .

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Additionally wrapping my head around the idea a character existing in his own mind can be the influence character was most interesting. I enjoyed the learning!! Thanks!!

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Is it worth pursuing at a deeper level? (I may not be able to do much more today)

It is worth pursuing but No rush. . I would love to go further with it . Maybe I will try and,watch it one more time.

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Before we go to the Concern, maybe we should determine MC resolve and such.Does John change or remain steadfast? Is he Linear or Holistic?

I am thinking change and linear. But, I’m not sure how to say he changes from mind to universe.

Perhaps the change is the decision to go back to the campus to fit in and be part of a community instead of indulging the world inside his mind. The scene where he keeps dismissing Charles intrusions while he asks Hansen for permission to stay on campus illustrates a shift from mind to situation??

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I think his change actually comes a little before that. One thing that might be making it tricky is that I think the OS problem is solved what feels like a good act before his personal problem is solved. Also, remember that the OS isn’t about stopping or solving Johns condition (schizophrenia), it’s about ending conflict that’s rooted in Johns way of thinking. Is there a scene that sort of marks the point where conflict from Johns way of thinking stops? A scene where people stop getting mad at John, where Alicia, say, stops thinking about leaving John?

Yes, when he realizes Marcee never gets old.

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Right. Now, that change has to do with his schizophrenia and solves the OS. It’s not a change from ‘I want recognition’ to something about his Situation, so it looks like just an OS scene. Especially since his personal problem doesn’t get solved for like 20 years. But, structurally, it doesn’t matter what the change is, right? So does that same scene include a change from Mind, some belief that he holds, to a Situation/Universe?

That change in belief from Marcee is real to she cannot be real allows him to be home instead of being in the hospital while he figures out a plan for getting well.

So he changes from Mind (believes Marcee, Charles, and Parcher are real) to Universe (accepts that they aren’t). That immediately solves the interesting part of the story, the OS. From there, it’s just a matter of waiting and doing his best to ignore Charles, Marcee, and Parcher until he gets recognition for his life’s work—which he can’t get until the Nobel Prize board confirms that he’s not going to do something crazy and embarrass them, but he’s already solved that problem with his earlier change.

Does that work for you as an explanation of Change?

Yes! That’s it in a nutshell!!

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