A Beautiful Mind

So how is he Linear in his problem solving style?

Hmmm. He seems to have his best moments of solution when he gets it all in a flash …like the Adam Smith needs revision. Or the Marcee never ages scene. Maybe he us holistic? But that his first approach to solving problems is an equation, a linear equation that holds his focus so strongly he fails to even see the problem of the mugging, just the linear equation in it. That makes him linear? His preference is to solve things with cause/effect equations. Just a guess here.

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I agree that he’s probably Linear. How does he write out his equations?
Or, to get more to the point, where does he write them out? Why?

He writes them out on large windows so he has the space to write them out in one single, uninterrupted line

This is referring to the blonde and her friends, right?
Linear problem solvers look at the state of things, holistic problem solvers look at processes at work. When solving the blonde problem, what is he looking at? What would happen if they all went for the blonde?

In the Marcee never ages scene, what is he looking at there?

When he looks at how the other students have already been published, what’s he looking at?

He is addressing those by approaching the state of things, or processes at work?

What about what’s happening on the other side of the window? He watches the football players and traces a line between them, right? He watches the mugging and has traced the movements as he watched them, right? Seems like a fairly linear behavior.

He is looking at the state of things

Ok. Yes. I see what you mean. He is linear

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Yeah, with the blonde, he’s saying that if everyone goes for her, the state of things willbe that no one will end up with a date.

With Marcee, it’s the state of her appearance. Aging is a process, but he seems to just be looking at what age she is right now, in this moment.

With the other students, they are published. He feels he is behind because he hasn’t even got a topic for his thesis. It’s less about what direction he’s headed in and what the state of things in that moment is.

Pretty sure we can call it an optionlock.

I am leaning towards actions drive decisions. Action driver

With what we’ve already got, I believe Growth and Approach are locked in. Do we need to talk about those at all? Or why it’s an Optionlock?

I’m pretty clumsy with story drivers. What action do you think kicks this story off? (I’m clumsy with them, but I think actions as well)

I think those are all locked in. There is nothing to indicate time is running out, counting down. I think Charles bursting into the scene starts the OS. ?

That’s when his schizophrenia seems to start. What decision does that lead to?

To quit working and get drunk with Charles.

Hmm, does it force that though?

What about the topic of his thesis? Is he forced to decide that?

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Hmm. Not sure. I’m thinking on this now. May need to rewatch the scene. Your thoughts?

Not sure. There’s that scene where the professor is telling him he won’t get placed or something because he hasn’t published or turned in his thesis. Im a little foggy on the details. I was thinking maybe that forced the decision to come up with a topic. But again, I’m pretty clumsy here.

I’d say that the story concludes with the action of John rcvg the award. And right before that is the decision of ‘is he stable enough to give the award to?’

We can skip this one if we need to.

Ok. Let’s skip. Maybe it will become clearer as we go. But now I am thinking decision driver. Deciding marcee is not real does seem to me a strong story driver because the next scenes h8nge on it . and good point about receiving the award following deliberating the decision if he capable of not embarassing them .