A Beautiful Mind

Here’s an article I believe is from @JBarker
He agrees with you about Charles showing up, or the schizophrenia kicking in, as the first driver. I’d like to watch the first act again, myself.

Also, I meant to point to the action of rcvg the award as a final action driver. Pointing out the decision before that was meant to show that the action concludes the decision making. Before that, I don’t think John decides Marcee is real so much as it hits him that she’s not and he just sees it. An action. And again, that action brings an end to Alicia’s decision to leave him.

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I’m comfortable with pencilling in Action and coming back to look at the first driver after rewatching the first act.

What’s next? Judgment and outcome? what do you think?

Good points!! Im taking it all in. I think its a success good story. For sure it ends with his angst resolved.

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Yeah, I’d say success and good both look good. John figures out his Os problem and gets his recognition and award.

Now for the hard parts. Concern, Issue, Element. You have any thoughts? I could point to a Concern but not sure I could say Issue or elements yet.

OS concern would have to be one of the OS signposts in Psychology , the OS throughline. And it would have to be everyone’s concern. And it would also be the Story Goal. And since its,a change stop story the concern would also hold the MC story’s problem iits problem quad. Working backwards then I am saying the concern would be conceiving an Idea, NEED the issue giving us the deduction induction quad

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Are you working backward from where I suggested Deduction as a problem element earlier? Because I don’t know if that’s anywhere close or not.

Why Conceiving as a Concern?

Yes. And because I think conceiving an Idea is OS concern. I admit I made a leap. Backibgbit back up to concern, what do you think?

Yeah, let’s work through each level, just to make sure.

I’d say conceiving is the Concern. Everyone is trying to get John to concieve that he has a problem? Or to stop conceiving of Charles et al as real? Something like that. And attempts to get him to concieve of that are met with resistance. His failure to properly concieve have running off thinking he’s on secret missions, etc, running out of lectures and punching doctors. Having a hard time coming up with his math ideas and feeling alive has him not taking his meds and falling back into delusion.

What about Issue? Does Need feel right, or do we need to look at a couple?

Just watching from the popcorn gallery and thought I’d chime in. I barely remember the movie (saw in the theatre and that’s it) but from what I remember of the “feel”, and the movie’s title, Conceiving sounds right. Since bottom-right is the most “beautiful” Concern location. (that’s a subjective description which might not work for you, YMMV)

Before you go down to Issue level you might want to double-check Concerns for the other throughlines and explain why they work. (they do seem right though – are YOU actually Present or not? etc.)

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Issue is my blind spot.

Thanks for the input, @mlucas! Good point! I actually meant to but getting a little busy at work and trying to do this too and maybe I should just do one or the other! Haha. @Rosie, want to look at the Concern for other throughlines first?

It feels like there is a theme about reason, math and numbers lacking that which is required to make life matter but love is the efficient way to find these answers. That’s my best shot.

That illustrates need vs expediency is what so imagine.

Sure! Let’s do that.

So how does Conscious work for MC?

So MC concern of conscious, present considerations. Johns present considerations are certainly a,concern for him.

He must be mindful in order to live his life.

He has to consider to discern real from fantasy.

What about what he wants from others? How do present considerations fall under the heading of looking for recognition? What does he do when he doesn’t feel like he’s being properly recognized? Both examples I’m thinking of are in the first act.

Johns entire story is about the thoughts in his mind, what he is thinking in the present moment. His calculations, his imaginary friends prompted by stress, his ideas, his efforts to stay well