A theoretical explanation of Prediction and Interdiction within Past

I was asked why Prediction and Interdiction are in Past when they deal with the future. This is a long, deep theory answer that uses terminology I’ve brought up elsewhere that you don’t see in the official materials (particle-wave, wave-particle), and thought it might be interesting to post here.

At their core, each quad offers a particle view, a wave view, a particle-wave view (division), and and a wave-particle view (multiplication).
The particle view just means that you are looking at something as a single, solitary, individual unit. So for instance you can look at a car as being a car or you can see it as a collection of parts-an engine, a base, wheels, a body, etc. If in your mind that car is treated as a single individual object-if any of those parts are removed you would no longer see it as a car-then you are essentially taking a particle view of the car.

So what does that mean for Universe?

Well, if you break Universe down into four component parts, one of those is the particle view. Dramatica calls it the Past which is what already happened. But if you ignore the idea that there is a past, present, and future time and just look at Universe with a particle view, then what you will see will be a single, indivisible unit of Universe. Something that cannot change without becoming something different. So you could say that Past is just a view of the universe wherein things are set in stone, like our typical view of what the past. This is compared against Progress, Present, and Future which all deal in movement, change, potentials, etc. so rather than strictly being what we traditionally think of as the past, you can think of Past as a view of the universe as already having happened/already determined/set in stone. Much like a block universe where even the future is already set in stone.

Now that we have that, we move down a level so that we take this “block universe” view of the past and break it into a particle, wave, particle-wave and wave-particle view.

Let’s start with the particle view. If you take a “already set in stone” view of a block universe, then what happens is you see each moment in that universe as being set in stone. All moments past present of future. So if you start from the “beginning” of the block universe, then all moments look like future moments that are set in stone, or future moments/situations that will befall an individual. Starting to sound a lot like Fate.

Next we take a wave view of a block universe. If a particle views looks at each moment in the universe, then a wave view looks at a path that travels through the universe. And that sounds a lot like Destiny. And that’s why we have many Fates, but only one Destiny. Because Fates are moments in time where Destiny is a path through time.

Now let’s take a particle-wave view. Without getting deep into it, this just means we are looking for what divides particles from waves, or a series of patterns that tell us where one particle ends and another begins. So we need a pattern that helps us divide the idea of Fate across the idea of Destiny. In other words, what do we get and how do we describe it when any one point of Fate touches our path through the universe? We get a determination of a future state of affairs. A Prediction.

And finally we need a wave-particle view. This means we are looking at what happens when waves and particles are combined or multiplied. How things evolve. And when we take a Prediction and see how that Fate on that Destiny changes, we are looking at how a predetermined course is changing, or Interdiction.

Ok, so the TLDR Is:
Prediction and Interdiction are in Past because they deal with things that have already been determined.


I really like this way of phrasing it. I’ve often got wrapped around the Fate/Destiny thing trying to figure it out and the point/path view really helps.

In physics, taking into account the observer’s frame of reference is very important to understanding whatever is going on. The idea that those aspects can only be seen clearly when looking at it from the past suddenly makes sense.

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Very cool.

It feels like, in the same way that every quad is Mass-Energy-Space-Time, every quad in Universe can be seen in terms of Past-Present-Future-Progress.

So Prediction is another way of saying “how does the Future look according to the Past?”

The many moments of Fate answer, “What is the Past of the Past?” or “how did Past become the Past?”

And Destiny is a holistic snapshot, “what is your impression of the Past at the Present moment?”

etc etc

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