Analysis of 2019 Blacklist spec script Don't Worry, Darling

Yesterday’s analysis of the 2019 Blacklist spec script Don’t Worry, Darling went so well we decided to make the class FREE for everyone :smiley:

Script Analysis of Don’t Worry Darling - Subtext

It’s a great primer on Dramatica and Subtext…strongly suggest that if you’re new to Dramatica, to download a copy of the script, then watch the class to learn how to leverage the theory to write a great story.

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Is it still available? All I get at that link is sidebar, header, and blank content area.

Should be working now. Let me know if you can’t see it.

Yes! Thank you. I love The Blacklist, so I’m excited to see this.

Hello there, I’d be curious to read the script before watching the analysis. But where can I download it ?