Analyzing films before upcoming DUG analyses

Would it be bad form to do an analysis on the forum of the movies that are already scheduled for DUG analysis? If not, would anyone want to look at Easy A, Gattaca, Sling Blade, or Toy Story 4?

I’ve recently watched Easy A and Gattaca. I’m not real sure about the form for Easy A just yet (I’m suspecting a holistic PSS which doesn’t mesh well with my linear preferences), but I think I have a good guess on Gattaca. Haven’t even looked at storyforms for the other two yet.

I think it would be a wasted opportunity, more than anything.

Try to do the analysis alone, and then follow the DUG and see how your thinking went right and went off track.

I know that doing it here in a group would amount to the same thing, but I do think that would be bad form. I mean, with so many other things out there to choose from…


Fair enough. The videos don’t go up on YouTube anymore, do they?

You would have to ask @jhull what’s going on there.

What? I’m only behind by two years… :blush:


I’m at least glad there ARE videos.