Antebellum (2020)

The movie ended about 15 minutes ago, but while it’s fresh I want to suggest its premise.

the folly of others allows evil to prosper

Inhumane catastrophes like the holocaust don’t happen because of a few evil men. I believe a town in Germany noticed a railroad for years but not where it ended, at a concentration camp a few miles away. I’m waiting for validation on that so don’t hold me to it. It seems to me the greater problem belongs to those who turn away instead of facing the individual problem in each of us. White America must face the darkness of their own hearts to prevent further social horrors. If we don’t admit to what we are capable of by social injustices, the insidious will wreak havoc. Antebellum is a symptom of a greater threat, the system in which it is able to sustain itself.

Also note my point of view as a white man which I think is relevant. I feel like some stories are not for me, and Antebellum may be one of those stories. A scene reflected the racism black women face everyday, how it is subtle and manipulative. Also the leading actress, Janelle Monae, warned that the movie might be triggering.