Any thoughts on the 1917 storyform?

I’d like to have an active discussion analyzing the film 1917. Anyone else seen it?

I haven’t seen it, but my sense is that there is no Main Character based on what others have said…

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oh woah lol i disagree completely. the main character is who we are following the entire time.

i can email u a link of the movie or host a watch party on discord if u want to analyze it with me.

What @MWollaeger means is that, as visceral as the film is, there is no discernible Main Character Throughline (nor Influence Character or Relationship Story). It’s very much a video-game experience (a tale).


I completely disagree. If you read the script, it is more evident that relationship story is between him and blake. the movie only hints at this but the actors who read the script do subtly perform a homoromantic relationship.the symbolism in the film supports this too.

You have to be careful about analyzing both script and film at the same time. Since most of us have only seen the film, we can only comment on the structure as we perceive it. If it’s more obvious in the script, then that reflects a failure on the part of the film to accurately portray the intended story.

What happens then is you project your understanding of the story as read in the script onto the film which then finds both of us talking about two different things. (read any analysis of Marvel Comicbook movies here in the forum for evidence of this approach).

If you feel strongly about the script having a strong storyform, I would encourage you to do an in-depth analysis of it and post it here to the forums. It might be informative to see what didn’t make it to the screen.


that’s a fantastic suggestion. i’m going to start preparing for that - wld u like to analyze in collaboration? i have links for the script and the film, even notes for the timeline of the characters in real life. if not, any suggestions or tips for writing the analysis?
i’m analyzing 1) the storyform of film and script seperately to see if there are differences then 2) analyze how the actors worked as mediaries b/n script and film, and finally 3) the appraisal of the audience and possibly today’s social climate if needed.

Sure. If there’s a date or draft number for the script, let us know and we can find it. Once read, we can do a group discussion here.

The timeline of the real life situation will likely be interesting post-analysis.

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This kind of cross-comparison is cool (and rare).

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