Back to the Future question

In light of the author’s argument or statement and Jim Hull’s premise blogs, I’m wondering if the statement, “if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything,” fits into Back to the Future’s storyform. It’s quoted at least a couple of times by the MC, once even to the impact character. What is that an expression of?

Both the OS and IC Solutions are Pursuit, so I would think this is a different way of saying “stop avoiding and pursue and you can accomplish anything”.


Not only does it fit, it’s basically the Premise:

Keep focusing on Free, and you can Obtaining


Keep focusing on letting inhibitions go, and you can achieve something


If you put your mind to it [the “it” being letting inhibitions go], you can accomplish anything


Agree with what Lakis and John said here.

Just wanted to generalize a bit further. This is really the premise structure of every Steadfast / Linear / Success / Good story.

Every story with those dynamics are making the argument that if you keep focusing on (Stop growth) or moving toward (Start growth) you can achieve the goal.