Chris and Melanie Updates

Just created a group called “Developers” so you can keep up-to-date with what Chris and Melanie are saying here (assuming that Melanie ever signs up!). I’ll add a button to the top nav so you can quickly get to it, but for now you can just go here:

You can also do the same for Dramatica Story Experts here:

though I’m sure the first will get more traffic :smile: I was going to call the Chris & Melanie group “creators” or “architects” but it had too much of a quasi-religious feel to it so I stuck to a more app-driven lingo.

Hope you enjoy!

Yeah, sounds sort of Prometheus-like, lol. Don’t want them associated with chest-bursters!

When I click on the link to the DSE group I get an error message–is the link right?

Shouldn’t be…which link are you clicking?

That one works for me. Is it a permission issue? Can others not follow that link?

Not working for me…

     while trying to load /groups/experts.json
        Something went wrong.

is what i get as well.

Nope, I too get an error message with that link…

OK, this should now work as advertised. Let me know if you still run into problems!