Color coded DTSE

I color coded a DTSE just to help see how the elements move within the table from one quad to the next. I’ve placed a copy below. Only look at the colors, not which ones I’ve labelled as KTAD. The KTAD labels were just to help me keep track of where the the original terms would go.


Assuming the placement of KTAD I used (don’t assume this outside of this comment), the pattern seems to be that if you start with the upper right quad, then as you move down your As and Ds will flip left and right. As you move to the left, a set of KT and a set of AD will flip up and down. And as you move diametrically, your As and Ds will flip diametrically. There’s some other things going on, too, with how they rotate, but i didn’t want to go into that much detail for now.

Color is in the air with Dramatica :smile:

Color visualization of a Quad

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