Complex characters with Pursuit-Reconsider or Avoid-Consider elements?

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I recently reread Jim’s article on complex characters.** It’s really interesting.
However I have a hard time to imagine a character, who motivated by Pursit and Reconsider, or Avoid and Consider elements. (It’s probably because I’m struggling to understand how the Consider and Reconsider elements works in the context of the Story Goal.)

Can you give me an example? :slight_smile:

** Creating Complex Characters in Complex Times - Series of Articles - Narrative First)


Are you familiar with Finding Nemo or Pitch Perfect? I think both of these films have complex protagonists (and they share the same storyform). In Finding Nemo, Marlin avoids danger (and tries to prevent others from getting hurt too), yet is always keeping Nemo in mind and getting others to consider Nemo.

Similarly, Becca in Pitch Perfect prevents every relationship (friendship, romance) from getting beyond skin deep, and avoids pursuing her dreams; yet at the same time she’s always the one trying to get the Bellas to consider different music and options for their routine.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I haven’t seen any of those films, but I will watch them. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pointing me to the article! I hadn’t read that one.