Was reading American Carnage last night, came upon this use of the word. Thought it was a great example, and included the idea of finding a metaphor in the plan to help other people see it more clearly.

Well it’s a plan that (long explanation) vs
Well, it’s a shot in the arm for the flat-lining economy.


And here is how Jane Austen conceptualizes marriage

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@GetSchwifty, Your example brings up a good way we can flesh out the confusing parts of Dramatica theory. Simply having posts with examples.

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This got me to thinking how much Conceptualizing is close to Manner of Thinking. I might put it this way: conceiving of the world as a) as battle or b) a place of love or c) a world of discovery will lead to a) aggressive thinking or b) searching for love or living in love, hopeful thinking or c) exploratory thinking.

and there’s a problem if you’re doing hopeful thinking .e.g during a battle, because the manner of thinking and the conceptualization don’t match.

also problems of inequity if the conceptualization cuts out a part of the world, and creates an injustice. E.g., the world was created for the descendants of White Europeans.

Wittgenstein says in Phil. Investigations that this is in fact how we learn words, by experiencing a ton of examples.


Another thought, trying to learn a word/concept by its definition is linear. I personally learn little that way. Learning by a series of examples is holistic and is how I learn everything. I can only come at new knowledge sideways as I work through process. Been working on something with Jim and he has impressed on me what a big ol’ holist I am. My first reaction was who you callin’ a holist but but I’m learning to live with it.

The definition of holism fits Dramatica to a T.