Create two storyforms: holistic and Linear?

I now wonder if I should weave two storyforms into the one project. I have wanted to write a story about a celebrity/commoner relationship. I wanted to have a main character be the commoner as a man. With an optionlock, I can get both male and female audiences. What’s interesting is the media manipulation of the celebrity. I also envisioned it with allusion to the pharaoh and Joseph story from the end of the biblical book of Genesis. This has felt very story-dominant.

Then, I have wanted to explore Kabbalistic themes about balancing the sefirot in one’s soul.

Therein, as I realized today, might be why it’s been so difficult to write this. I want to write this deep, theme rich relationship with Kabbalistic ideas of how our lives can fall out of balance. I couldn’t fit it into an objective story, except one about a gossip reporter affecting the celebrity.

Is this really a linear storyform about celebrity shenanigans and a holistic storyform about balancing one’s life?

Can these be woven into one story?