Credit Card Problems in Subtext

Has anyone had difficulty with credit card information in Subtext? I have tried many frustrating attempts, on both desktop and my iPhone. I know the card is good. I also tried my debit card.

The field is one line long. I enter my card number. I then my remember that it wants my expiration date next. A number of times, I would put it in only to have an error message in red below the field say the expiration date is incomplete. I put it in the format MM YY. Then I put in the CV number and zip code. These last numbers appear overlapping the expiration date. Sometimes, when the expiration date incomplete message has appeared, I have been able to type it so the message isn’t there. I have reached the point of being able to finish with the zip code and see the message say “a processing error occurred.” At the bottom of the screen, after I have chosen the subscription plan, a sliding error message says: “Required failed with status 500.”

This was all yesterday during Christmas. Jim Hull emailed me that several people had subscribed that day and in the past week. I don’t know what is going on. I want to work with Subtext finally during this weekend, but these errors are frustrating.

For what it’s worth, a second after one of the times I put in information, I received a call from my landline phone (which typically receives spam calls) that seemed like a spam call.

Hi Geoff

This is a discussion board for the Dramatica theory of story, not a support line for Subtext or even for Dramatica Story Expert, or Dramatica Pro. There are so many factors personal to the user’s experience that a group forum is the worst place to ask for technical support.

As you mentioned you took the one day this year I decided to not sit at my computer to subscribe. That said, I still managed to answer your support question, give you ideas on how you could fix it, and mentioned that whatever technical problems you were experiencing would be solved by the weekend.

If you could keep subsequent conversations to our email thread I’m sure everyone here would appreciate it. As I mentioned in my email, others have been able to subscribe with no issue and would likely prefer not to see this board locked up with issues personal to the individual user.

I’m sorry, Jim. I understand.

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