Different Storyforms

Can someone help me out here :smile:

Three Kings and As Good As It Gets have the same Storyform, yet the sequences of the subjective through lines are different.

Main Character Resolve: Change
Main Character Growth: Stop
Main Character Approach: Do-er
Main Character Mental Sex: Male
Story Driver: Action
Story Limit: Optionlock
Story Outcome: Success
Story Judgment: Good
Overall Story Throughline: Physics
Overall Story Concern: Obtaining
Overall Story Issue: Morality
Overall Story Problem: Temptation

Which one is right? (past-progress-future-present or progress-future–present-past for mc)

Plugging those into Dramatica I get the second one, progress-future–present-past for MC. So looks like Three Kings is correct on the site while As Good As It Gets has a problem.

I’m assuming that’s what your question was rather than “which one actually feels right” – it’s been too long for me to remember, for either film!


Progress ending in Past feels right to me.