Disney's Raya discussion


something about the writing felt very storyform by numbers - like the overemphasis on Raya’s drive/problem of Trust. Also, the plotting and characters felt careful - maybe because it’s been made in a post-trump culture wars era (in contrast to say Zootopia, 2016, which tackled trickier Mind bias problems so inventively).

Also, thoughts on Namaari (Raya’s rival) having a big change moment and moving toward Trust too? At first I thought this was a redundant dramatica beat - oh great, now namaari also changes - but it also felt right - perhaps this moment is when the Objective Story figures out its solution (embodied in Namaari’s decision to trust everyone else).

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Just finished the movie too. Don’t know why, but I felt the force of the storyform as well. This was a little heavy handed, but at the same time it felt…fresh, sort of.