Does anyone know what Melanie means by "PC" vs "PV"?

I was reading through some old blog posts on Melanie’s website, and I came across this one:

In it, Melanie writes:

“The subjective view of the story is provided by three appreciations: PC or PV, + or -, and Timelock or Spacelock. These subjective appreciations are created by the selection of the four s/o choices (and of course, vice versa).”

She adds:

“The three manipulations that determine these subjective binary pairs each have two states. If you select one state the MC will be PC, the other state, PV, and so on for all three pairs.”

Can anyone tell me what the acronyms “PC” and “PV” stand for here? I’m not familiar with that terminology, and I haven’t seen those acronyms used anywhere else.

I went to a workshop she gave in Portland, Oregon for a local writers’ group after I had gone to several given by Chris in Burbank in the 90’s. So I attended with lots of knowledge of the theory, while the others were just being introduced to it. It was amazing how detailed the ~3 hours were and the simple points made succinctly at the end for new users. She had a great talent. (Privately talking to her afterwards, she was the one who pointed out to me that they knew nothing, and I had the aHa moment of why her such a detailed simple introduction.)

? Have you read through her

and I ran across this:

Perhaps pre-conscious is a clue? “…So far, I have only described the bottom and top levels of the mind, but as we know from our work, there are four: Pre-conscious, Sub-conscious, Memory, and Conscious. In a sense, these four levels are a sideways view of a Quad…”


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Found it!

PC stands for Primary Character, and PV stands for PiVotal Character. The Primary Character is the one who changes (the MC in a Change story or the Influence Character in a Steadfast story), and the Pivotal Character is the one who remains steadfast (the MC in a Steadfast story or the Influence Character in a Change story).

This was on page 67 of the Lost Book.

EDIT: Reworded for clarity.