Dramatica Help file problems on Windows 10 and Mac OS

As many of you know, there are difficulties launching the help files shipped with Dramatica Story Expert for Mac, and Dramatica Pro on Windows 10. I have come up with a temporary workaround for accessing the help files by posting them online at our support site.




For Windows users, I have posted the MAC version of the help file online here:


The same is true for:



Even though it is for the Mac, Dramatica Pro 4 and Writer’s DreamKit versions of each software operate identically on both platforms. The only difference is in the CTRL and ALT key commands.


Where you see CMD (Command) in a keystroke used in the Mac help, use CTRL (Control). So CMD+S for Save on the Mac is CTRL+S for Save on Windows.

ALT Keys

Where you see Option in a keystroke command used in the Mac help, use ALT, though I don’t think there are many commands that use the Option/ALT key in Dramatica Pro.

If I am able to post the Windows version of the Dramatica Help file I’ll let you all know.

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Thank you, Chris. It’s been a bit of a nuisance dealing with the malfunciton. Good to have a workaround for now.

Agreed. It’s nice to have access to the information now and I bet new users will appreciate it too! :smile:

Hi Chris: I found using your on-line work around to be incredibly inconvenient, although better than nothing. I am running Windows 10, Edge and Chrome browsers, neither of which would search anything more than the existing page with the on-line help you provided… I was able to convert the .hlp file to a .chm file and as long as I kept it in my taskbar I was happy with the restored search function. However with a little help from google, I have found away around the dilemma enabling me to utilize the existing hlp file. This works on Win 10, no idea with the Mac systems. However I don’t intend to post this method in the forum, you quite likely have investigated this method yourselves, but if you are interested in what I have done I will send the method to you or your company. Many thanks for the product, I have enjoyed it for many years


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Because Chris posted the help files online, one could also use Google’s site-specific search to find information within them.

For example, try entering the following into the Google search bar:
site:support.screenplay.com/help/dramaticapro4 consequences

(The site: keyword in Google lets you limit search results to a specific website.)