DUG Online: Easy A (Apr. 14)

Given present realities, the Dramatica Users Group meeting will be held ONLINE. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in on a meeting and ask questions directly, you finally get to participate no matter where you are (though, more than likely, you’re home).

Dramatica Users Group: Analysis of Easy A Meeting Link

April 14, 7pm PDT

The meeting is PW protected, so if you would like the password please DM me here at Discuss Dramatica, and I will send you the pertinent information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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It just occurred to me while writing the weekly newsletter for Narrative First, that this might not be the ideal time for everyone across the world…

We typically run it at 7pm to give everyone a time to drive in after work–but seeing as how we all work from home now, perhaps we could try it at a different time?

I’ve found 11am Pacific works best for Europe…but I would be open to hearing other suggestions.


Not Tuesday nights. Any other time. :stuck_out_tongue: 11am would be good.

The replay of the DUG Meeting is now available:

Dramatica Users Group Analysis of Easy A

You can download the video feed and/or the audio feed separately (button in the upper right hand corner).


(p.s. no more waiting 2 years for me to upload them to YouTube :smile:)

So this is why y’all need to change the time a little bit. Sheesh. This was dare I say…easy…



Goal: Conceiving an idea (all characters are concerned with having others conceive of them a certain way (not gay, a stud, a “good girl” etc.))
OS Issue: Expediency (All the characters want to get to that impression in the easiest way possible *Truth, falsehood, it doesn’t matter, just so long as they get that rep and get it now)
OS Problem: Inaction (All the characters don’t want to DO what would be needed to develop said "reputation
OS Symptom: Production All the characters are trying to produce a certain image/reputation.

MC Symptom: Reevaluation: everyone starts to reevaluate her
MC Response: She limits their evaluation, leaving them with only one choice/reputation to look at (Fine if that’s how your gonna see me, that’s how I’ll be!)

I could problly go on on, but I’d have to watch it again. But doesn’t that fit way better than what y’all came up with. And this is without me having seen this is in years. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not wanting to do something you need to do is not Inaction in terms of Dramatica. The way you describe it sounds more like an inequity of Need (which doesn’t contain Inaction as part of its composition).

Secondly, the non-existent Relationship does not grow through problematic Learning (necessary for an Overall Story Goal of Conceiving).

Not having seen it in years, you’ve constructed a story that makes sense in your head, but does not play out on-screen. That’s the problem with a broken, or deficient Storyform, anybody can make it whatever they want, because there isn’t enough information there to suggest a singular viewpoint (or Premise).