Fascinating Podcast on AI

I can’t recommend highly enough that everyone listen to this podcast on the future of publishing and AI

Then come back here and we can discuss.

Is there a place for Dramatica within this new tech? Well, less is there and more what is the place of Dramatica?

Let me know what you think.

The largest obstacles between AI and readable and creative storytelling are common sense&knowledge, variety and specificity.
Most Current Generation of text relies on very specific templates that are filled with data. advanced madlibs in a way. There are other methods of course… Like Planning algorithms, text mutation, …
People have tried to generate stories with computers since the 70’s and still, the stuff that is being generated (without too much human help) can’t compete with fairy tales.

Even when people come remotely close to formalising story and and its elements, the results are so computationally complex, that using those results is just unfeasible in our current state of technology.

To get any useful results, we need to simplify things, which leads to simple patterns, which humans readily recognize, which make us bored, and make us stop reading.

There is, of course, always the option of just relying on machine learning, and hoping that the results are not too racist.

Since the nuts and bolts of Dramatica, the software, is proprietary, the only way for it to be used in this field would be for its creators to jumpstart that project. Otherwise the results, if there would be any, would be either incongruent with whatever the software tells you* or it would break some law or another… Or both.

In any case, as they are, the definitions of dramatica terms are not particularly conducive to a formal approach… Consider “Inequity”…

And then, consider the influence character, the relationship throughline, holstic problem solving, drivers… These concepts are hard to explain and understand by human beings. If we can’t understand/explain them, then we can’t reliably have computers use them.


In other words, if we can’t understand Dramatica, the AI can’t either, LOL!

We’re all safe, LMAO!

Again, Machine Learning could potentially solve the issue here, though, again, it might just pick up stuff that is racist, sexist, or just brain-dead like equating human behavior to that of lobsters.

In my previous post, I was just laughing at how difficult it is to learn Dramatica - hence no worries with AI getting it either :slight_smile:

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