Final Action Driver? (After covid19 interlude)

  1. PROT talks to someone (significant MC change happens)
  2. Makes a decision (pro/con) based on discussion
  3. Goes to OC tells the truth
  4. OC Reacts by presenting a Decision
  5. PROT Reacts (does not make a pro/con decision, but because of change, reacts positively to the proposition).


Since it all was spurred by the Action of Going (1), and the decision is actually a natural REACTION based on MC change, not weighing pros/cons of anything…

Does this equal an Action Driver?

(I think you mean the MC talks to the OC?)

I’m not really following this, tbh.

When does the Story Goal get reached or abandoned?

Well, 11 days ago I was feverish. I can hardly understand what I wrote. I’ve been in the hospital for covid19 for 10 days, finally I’m out of the valley and can actually think again. I still have no idea what I said up there. Let me rephrase.

The set of actions that start the story.

  • ARRESTS Of family members
  • MC forced to Decide to Go somewhere to rescue someone
  • And Goal is to Avoid Being Found (Or to Find Safety)

I’m stuck with whether or not this is an ACTION DRIVER that ends the story. Or does it sound like a DECISION DRIVER?

Here’s the last set of events:

  • Instigated by the OC,
  • MC does some soul-searching /talking it out contributing to MC change (Openness)
  • Based on that talk, MC gains boldness to take a risk
  • —>MC Takes a Risk to tell OC the truth about her identity <—-
  • OC Reacts by presenting a Decision, (accidentally exposing Information)
  • MC doesn’t Decide, instead, REACTS to New Information
  • It ends with things good for MC and OC

The story goal is Obtaining/Finding (the TRUTH which protects her —>the Risk<—). Her secret is exposed /she is found out when she gives it up in an exchange for obtaining safety a different way.


It sounds like an Action driver to me. Taking a risk to tell someone something could be presented as a decision, especially if there was a lot of deliberation or if she just decided to do so out of the blue. But don’t you feel you’ve presented it with the action being the important thing?

Plus, accidentally exposing information and someone reacting to that, are both definitely actions. I think your Final Driver is really a combination of all these things.

That decision that the influence character presents to the MC is in no way a Decision driver because it doesn’t get acted upon. I had a similar scenario for the midpoint driver in my novel. There’s a bunch of debate in that thread, but in hindsight (now that the novel is done and I’m revising it) @MWollaeger 's answer at the top is the most clear and accurate picture. The deliberating gets them nowhere, and it doesn’t matter what they would have chosen, because the action (fall) is what caused them all to jump.

P.S. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and out of the hospital! Not sure what part of the world you’re in, but I hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing okay.


Oh wow @didomachiatto, I’m really glad that you’re feeling better now. My very best to you and yours.

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Thanks. This is the thumbs-up I need to know I’m on the right track.

Thanks a lot. I am actually still in the hospital. Izmir, Turkey. For 3 more days, according to the doctor. Far as we know, the kids don’t have it. But we’ve all been in mandatory home quarantine since March 17 because of international travel (from Hungary). We were hospitalized March 24. You’d think with 10 days confined to one place that you’d get a lot of “things done,” but in fact I couldn’t even think or read. Only scroll Facebook occasionally. But facing death changes you. My husband was also positive, much worse than I was. But now we’re waiting for an all-clear. We can think again, which is important in life. Definitely much to praise God for.



So glad you’re out of the valley!!


I agree with @mlucas here. Seems like an Action Driver.