Hello everyone! Also: Asian and Indian Films (and TV shows)

Hello, all! I’m new here on the discussion board (though I’ve been studying Dramatica for a few years now). I’m Fern, and I prefer they/them pronouns. Nice to meet you!

With Netflix and other streaming services becoming so accessible, I’ve been watching a lot of films from all over the world, and I wonder if anyone else has too?

I went through a classic Indian romantic comedy phase last year, and lately I’ve been into Chinese adventure films (not the best films of all time, but boy are they fun to watch). If anyone is interested, I can recommend some movies that might be interesting from a Dramatica POV, but I’d also like to hear about anything you guys have been watching.

I hope to have lots of lively and insightful discussions with everyone here!

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Would love suggestions on Chinese Adventure Films.