Help Me Identify a Genre

I felt a strong connection to a relationship through line message that fits the upper left quad. My MC is in Universe. My OS drill-down is Understanding>Senses>Perception. I’m wondering what genre matches this. I’ve used the Subtext genre tool and found Thriller, Horror, Supernatural, Sci-Fi Adventure and Psychological come close.

Would making it a comedy, like a comedic thriller, throw off the standards for the genre. I guess it points to thriller.

Young Frankenstein has the same concerns as a typical Christopher Nolan movie, so if you feel like you have a storyform that works, wouldn’t sweat it too much.

The genre stuff, as it stands now, is more about convention and averages than anything else. Don’t be afraid to bend the “rules”.


Isn’t the comic bent what we all love about these genre: intense situations with throw away funny lines?
Indiana Jones and his rain of rats, Beetlejuice, Jack Nicolson’s face through the opening door in that horror movie, etc. Isn’t it the comedic moments that remain fresh, timeless? We never even have to watch that movie, just see the advertised scene makes it timeless all on its own.