Hidden Universe

Can anyone think of a movie where the Domain of one of the MC or IC wasn’t revealed until very close to the end? I think it was Universe, maybe Mind.

I believe Chris mentioned one once, saying that it didn’t matter when the information came out because the brain sorts it all out, but for the life of me I have no idea what movie they were talking about.

To that end, I believe in Your Lie In April the IC Universe isn’t made clear until episode 4 or 5, and even then it’s nothing more than a hint.

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I thought Jim mentioned something like this regarding The Prestige in one of his podcasts (this would be a few years ago now). I’m not sure how that fits with the current, more in-depth understanding of that film.

What about the Harry Potter series? I’m sure the IC role is shared by a bunch of players but Snape is the main IC. The most “root” level of his Mind Domain is revealed only near the end,


his love for Harry’s mom Lily.

Prior to that you might see his Domain as a hatred for Harry (not to mention, most of the students), but that’s not nearly as deep a motivation.

Nice recall!

I think it was The Prestige