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I haven’t had a chance to read all of the new articles about the holistic side of things, but I will when I can finally get off of my phone. I feel so claustrophobic on this thing.

However – since the holistic problem solver is so focused on her relationship with others and the world – could it be that she functions like the linear functions within the OST but within the RST (or, at least, an expanded version of the RST).

The last RST thread that I was involved in had me oscillating between the MC and IC being part of the RST status through their awareness or ignorance (or being completely separate).

At first, I wanted to say that the RST was purely an objective arc, a statement by the author (or Storymind) that was independent of the MC and IC. That certainly avoids the issue of mixing up or confusing the througlines.

Then, a statement (that I misunderstood) made by another poster made me change my mind and flip to the idea that the MC or IC could directly perceive or misperceive and – because of this --impact the RST.

Often, linear thinkers might claim “that person is from a different world,” or “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.”

But, what if, there is an alternate version of the OST with tones of the RST or just an expanded RST that overlays the OST. The primary difference being – they manipulate it.

I hope that makes sense. I’m sure my thoughts on it will evolve, but – in the end – isn’t the OST biased towards linear thinking? And wouldn’t that make the holistic thinker seem to be inaccessible or alien to linear thinkers?

I could keep meandering through this, but I’ll stop here.

Can you elaborate on what you mean here?

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I guess I mean that a holistic thinker seems out of place from an objective viewpoint, because they are out of place.

They exist, primarily, on a different plane. We often talk about how American films focus on the OST.

We also know that the majority of American films have a linear MC.

The holistic thinker is in a world of relationships, Zen, balance, etc.

I suppose I mean that the concern (which doubles as a goal) of the OST isn’t necessarily the concern of a holistic thinker. In fact, the concern of the holistic think might be more related to the RS.

The OST is too clinical or objective for the holistic MC. So, maybe, she exists in a different reality. Or maybe the OST can be tweaked.

She is more closely tethered to the RS than the OST.

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I think you’re on the right track! The Dramatica storyform is a structural view of structure with some dynamics built in. So the storyform views the goal structurally-off or on, success or failure-while holistic problem solving would view the goal more dynamically-closer/further or stronger/weaker, etc. But the storyform being structural doesn’t stop the holistic character from having a more dynamic goal. In that sense, a holistic problem solver could be said to function ‘more like the RS’ in that they look at goals more in terms of direction and such. But I wouldn’t think of the holistic character as feeling out of place within the story. Maybe just as not being fully described by the structural storyform.

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I venture to suggest holistic is focused on creating ongoing order, including whomever comes through holistic’s space.

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