How to participate in the Online Users' Group and monthly film analysis?

Just wondering how to join in on the monthly film analysis that are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. I found a link back in February that said we had to contact @jhull on some Google+ page to be added to a certain Google Circle, which I did, but I never heard back.

I believe the instructions for joining in on the Dramatica Users Group discussions may be found here:

BTW, we are analyzing Kramer vs Kramer tonight (Tuesday, July 12, 2016)

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Thanks, Chris @chuntley. However, those instructions lead to the Google Circle where I (and a few others) have requested to join and haven’t received a response from Jim Hull @jhull. I posted a message there asking to join, back in February.

Good to see you, by the way. I’m Rod Jones from the old Dramatica Listserv (I’m the one always pestering you about an ETA for a Windows version of Dramatica Story Expert) :slight_smile:

Great to “see” you again, Rod. I forwarded your request to Jim and I think he’s added you to the circle.

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