I Am Lost (short)

If you have four minutes to spare, treat yourself to the incredible storytelling in this dance routine performed by the older (teen) group from my daughter’s* dance academy. It has won top place at several competitions. I had the privilege of seeing it performed live a few times, and get chills every time I watch it.

Pay close attention at the end to notice the smeared face-paint.

I’m certain it has a short storyform similar to the short film Piper, although it’s hard to analyze because I get “lost” in it every time. But I would guess the quad is Non-Accurate/Accurate/Cause/Effect, under Psychology, Being and Ability, which all seem to fit really well. Resolve is definitely Change; ending is probably Failure/Bad (though I could see an argument for Success/Bad).

* my daughter is not in this one, these are the older kids from her team, although she does dance ballet/pointe with many of them.